Jaroslaw Gorajek

Jaroslaw Gorajek 2017-04-05T17:58:25+00:00

Project Description

Studio: Goraj Tattoo Studio
Country: Poland
Tattoo styles: Realistic

Goraj has been tattooing for about 5 years. He was interested in realism since he was a child. In the beginning it was just drawings. After
high school graduation he decided to change the surface of his artworks and he invested in his first tattoo machine. This was not the best quality
Chinese equipment but good enough to start. He started looking for some help and getting some knowledge from more experienced artists. After a year of hard work on his own he has been noticed by Anabi Tattoo team as well as Rock’n’Roll Tattoo team. He decided to move to Edinburgh Scotland to develop his skills and gain new experience. In the meantime he started
doing his first guest spots. He was invited to Speak in Colour by Kosa. He moved to Lodz, Poland where he now lives and works. He is inspired by Dimitriy Samohin, Domantas Parvainis, Denis Sivak. They are artists who proves that realism in tattoo is an art and they bring it to the highest
level. His art is inspired by the observations of surrounding world and
nature. Since 1 year he has been a part of Kwadron Tattoo team. He is

invited to regular guest spots in Kwadron Tattoo Gallery with world’s top artists. Jarek is using this opportunities to exchange the knowledge with his coleagues.