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PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!! Friday 9 June at 9.30 pm Palariccione's terrace will dance at two of the most promising artists in the Italian hip-hop scene. Axos and Nerone are ready with their beat and freestyle to fire the [...]


Riccione has always been synonymous with fun and transgression and if you talk about night clubs you can not talk about "Pepenero" the most famous brand in Italy, strictly for an adult audience. The legendary beauty of her [...]


THE TERRIBLE CECE Resident dj at Vidia Club, Cesena FC since 2007, at College Party Bologna and at the summer events Rock Beach Festival and Rockin Park. The Terrible Cece ranges from Californian and European 90/00 punk to indie-rock [...]


Nerone, born 1991 is well known as the King of the TV program MTV Spit edition 2014.First of this big showcase that has brought it to everyone's homes, Nerone turns for years in northern Italy, participating in countless [...]


Axos, born 1990, is approaching hip hop at age 11 thanks to Eminem's Marshall Mathers Lp, which encourages him to cultivate a passion that is already alive to writing, which from then on becomes rhyme and designed for [...]


From Hollywood to Riccione... the actor David LaBrava, "Happy" from the FX series "SONS OF ANARCHY" tattooist and Harley Davidson enthusiast, will be attending as special guest at the INTERNATIONAL TATTOO SHOW. He will be presenting his book "Becoming [...]

OVERCOMINK BARRICADES – Broken Doll Performance

This project was born from the creative artist Mario Leuci aka 750ml and the model Valentina Acciardi aka "BROKEN DOLL" The body art and the opportunity through this to change the appearance of the prosthesis for impairments through art [...]

TENGU – Sana Sakura performance show

We are proud to announce that during the International Tattoo Show Riccione there will be daily shows performed by Sana Sakura from Japan In ancient times, the people of Japan are still protected by many gods, like [...]


HANNYA – Sana Sakura performance show

We are proud to announce that during the International Tattoo Show Riccione there will be daily shows performed by Sana Sakura from Japan Sana Sakura: Hannya - A Solo Dance Performance „HANNYA“ - is a Japanese [...]

Adam Kun

Adam Kun is a pro bmx flatland rider from Budapest / Hungary and is riding flatland since 1998. Before Adam discovered BMX riding, soccer was his favorite sport. In primary school he was in the sports team and soccer meant [...]


Federico Grazzini Dj

International Tattoo Show of Riccione will have the chance to host international Dj Federico Grazzini directly from Ibiza Dj, producer, remixer and dancefloor lover, he live split between Italy and Ibiza. He begin as a radio Dj but soon [...]

Luna Graziano DJ

Luna Graziano, was born in Milan and already 'a child approaches the world of music by studying the piano since the age of 6 years.The decision to become a DJ takes place after an adolescence spent as an [...]


Riccione is the Italian capital of fun and so ... PARTY HARD! We organized a series of crazy evening parties in collaboration with the best of Romagna nightlife! Every night, from the presentation of Thursday's party convention, to the [...]



The International Tattoo Show in Riccione has the pleasure of hosting an exhibition of the multifaceted Milanese artist Mastro, an icon of Italian art that with his Insight Out from Architele will leave an indelible memory in all of [...]

ERICSONE – Street cubism

ERICSONE His peculiar style has been defined “Street cubism” since characterized by geometric volumes, clear and sharp lines, able to enhance the weaknesses of the characters he represents. Through this process he can successfully reach his aim giving [...]


The first essence of 'man is the sculpture, God during creation was the first sculptor. Hence the concept of the "body as a sculpture to be molded redesigning the forms. "(1) Contemporary art has invested all of their creativity possible surface coming to [...]

TAWA – Aerosol Art

Tawa was born in Milan in 1973. He is approaching aerosol Art in 1990, beginning an artistic journey with daily practices of writing, painting letters on carriages of trains and walls. With the inner maturity [...]


Andrea Sergio was born in Brindisi in 1978, he began his artistic career with graffiti writing only 12 years. In 1990 it is already known on the city walls for his character, soon dictating the rules on style to [...]


The corporative ROCK'N'INK born from the great love that Donna Mayla has for MUSIC and ART. For years, the tattoo artist spends time with musicians that play different genres and sponsors musical events. From this PASSION came the idea of [...]

Customs by the sea

During the International Tattoo Show in Riccione, a static american before ’65 car rally will be organized: the goal is to invite one of the best custom creations in the traditional American style. The engines and the mechanical characteristics [...]