MISS TATTOO RICCIONE 2017-05-15T15:58:27+00:00
We are art, we are the tattoo, we are music, we are cars and we are motorcycles. But we’re also a beauty contest – online & traditional – for tattooed, irreverent and cool women. Through a recruiting nationwide, on Saturday, June 10, we will elect during the International Tattoo Show 2017, the first “Miss Tattoo Riccione”.
A nomination far beyond the scepter, which will bring the winner to be recognized as such throughout the Italian tattoo landscape and beyond, through a vote composed both by the public web and by our jurors. The aspiring Miss will be able to enroll online with the appropriate form and they will have to be +18 aged, tattooed (without limitation of size and / or style) and be able to convince web public and our breeders to become the first “Miss Tattoo Riccione”.
Each participant will be offered a free entrance at the convention for 3 days for n. 2 people. The top three ranked will receive a prize by Spadarella Gioielli and the first ranked will also win no. 1 plane trip for 2 people in London, one night at the hotel and no. 2 VIP Entrances to the London Tattoo Convention (September 2017).


Fill the form and good luck!