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Riccione is a city that guarantees excellent transportations such as: railway, highway, and airports. Moreover, the region is rich of history, culture and, gastronomy with thousands of post conventions solutions including: sports, personal health, shopping, fun and, nightlife…. everything two steps away from the tattoo Convention – International Tattoo Show.

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Hotel:  The unique offering that makes the difference!

The selections of hotels, rooms and, overnights situated only two steps away from the ITS Tattoo Convention, for our guest artists and all the participants is ample.

  • 387 Hotels
  • 35 (4-5 stars) Hotels
  • 1764 (4-5 stars) Rooms
  • 6805 (3 stars) Rooms
  • 800 (4-5 stars) Rooms at only two steps from the ITS Tattoo Convention
  • 1500(1-2 stars) Rooms at only two steps from the ITS Tattoo Convention
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If your passion is shopping, the city streets is the best place for satisfy all your needs. Have you ever heard about Viale Ceccarini? Shops and Boutiques with the most famous brands and the young designer’s original offers made in Riccione: it is possible to find a set of shops called Unconventional Store, an exclusive and original fashion itinerary that starts from Riccione to all around the world: Participating at the Tattoo Convention-International Tattoo Show, will bring you few steps away from all this.

Riccione have thermal baths: the four sulfured-salt-bromine-iodate-magnesiache spring compose the thermal establishment. Near the International Tattoo Convention, we find the thermal baths, inserted in a magnificent park at only few steps from the sea that creates a union between nature and body science creating into the guest a sense of equilibrium and wellness. The thermal establishment offers cares agreed upon the National Sanitary Service for the breathing illness and the auditory apparatus but also for illness due to bones, skin, stomach, urinary and of the peripheral venous circle. Another important aspect is the physical therapy that find his helper in the thermal waters situated in the Riccione Terme’s establishment due to the synergy between the hydrotherapy, the physiotherapy e all other therapies that help your body with personal itinerary.  Riccione Terme is also a spa, L’Oasi Spa is a place where you can find personalized and qualified esthetic treatments joint with a Sensorial Thermal Itinerary: 1500 square meters of emotional course where body and mind rise thanks to wellness activities and relax thermal waters; a place where the convention artists and guests can rest before, during or after the event.


To take a break you do not need to go far, near the convention, you can appreciate the regenerative waters and wellness programs that aims to your physical health. The exclusive Hotel Spa in Riccione is waiting for you before, during and after the International Tattoo Convention.

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tattoo convention spa
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tattoo convention theme parks

The Parco Oltermare introduced in June 2004, is a very ambitious project: Combine in one place culture, education, emotion and fun. For this reason, Oltremare is an innovative structure not only under an architectonic point of view but also due to its subjects. 110.000 square meters of a spectacular American experience and Italian creativity that host experience related to water, air, earth, fire, and energy. The Parco Oltremare propose itinerary suitable for any age in order to create a contact between the visitor and the nature, not only related to the sea, and stimulate the respect for the environment and the protection of its resources. The huge amount of itinerary, also personalized, offered to educational institutions and to single citizens, is what makes the place amusing and so leader in the edutainment approach, a strategy that transform your free time into an educative time where people all together can learn new things. Moreover, the Parco Oltremare is not only a place where you can get in touch with the animal, but is an ecosystem in which you can get in touch with the flora and the fauna of our planet, learning to know and love her in order to protect our ecosystem. The Parco Oltremare, such as all the other park with a theme, are open every day before and after the Tattoo Convention International Tattoo Show.

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Theme parks

The Parco Marino Le Navi di Cattolica like the Parco Oltemare is a theme park. Here, you can immerge yourself in an intense cinematographic experience thanks to the IMAX 3D, the fun water park called Acquafan and the possibility to see the entire nation in less than a day thanks to the Little Italy in a park. Riccione is surrounded by parks with themes of every kind were is possible to live all the experience you want and spend amazing and unforgettable moments before and after the tattoo convention.


tattoo convention water park

The Acquafan is a funfair that in almost 30 years of activity was able to renovate itself in order to be always modern. Was opened in 1987 with a surface of 70 thousand meters and during the years grew until 90 thousand meters. This park, is the perfect park to go with your family due to attractions for young and adults but also for little kids. Not only game and fun, but also relax areas, green spaces, shops and restaurants. Adrenaline and security:  ramp that are 3 kilometers long and 8.000 cubic meters of water continually changing under the control of 210 people from the qualified staff. The Acquafan is opened night and day and offers concerts, events different every summer. The most famous attractions are: Kamikaze, the Extreme River, the Speedriul, the River Run, the Surfin’hill, the Twist, and the Tobogas. In 2010, the park inaugurates the last attraction called the StrizzaCOOL that is perfect for the families due to the two typology of experience in one ramp, one more temerarious and adrenalin and another sweeter and softer thought caves and tunnels. But the most famous of all is the Piscina a Onde made by 8.000 cubic meters of waters that reproduce constantly the waves movement like you are in the ocean. The Acquafan also offers areas for little kids such as: The Focus Junior Beach, dedicated to the Focus and the Noè’s Arc where at the top of it kids can live magical adventures and jump inside the pool under nit trough four light blue ramps watched by different types of animals that surrounded the arc. In addition, for the very little kids the Acquafan propose the Elephant Pool and the Antarctic Baby Pool where they can play and have fun inside the North Pole, they can glide without any problem because the white bear will control them. Therefore, what a better way to end the International Tattoo Show, than some days of holiday at Riccione for appreciating this amazing water park?

Taste and Wine Street

Romagna all over the world means flat unleavened bread and it is served with cured meats and cheese like the well-known sqaucquerone. Furthermore, Romagna is even the region of the DOC wines, the DOP olive oil, of typical cured meat, pasta, and fish. The Taste and Wine Streets, accompany the tourist throw the Rimini’s landscapes to discover the wine essences of the DOC “Colli di Rimini” that go with typical plates of this cosine. A long and intensive itinerary that, from the hills surrounded by medieval villages arrived to the sea passing through industries, wine cellars, agritourist until modern restaurants in order to discover and maintain alive the historical, cultural, and environmental identity of the city of Italy. Participate to the tattoo convention International Tattoo Show, means that you are in the middle of this delicious exquisiteness: a tattoo convention into a Romagnola wine and food experience.

Food and Good wine

Tradition and innovation are elegantly fused together like our typical DOP and DOC productions that are at the center of our guest’s taste. If you are looking for artistic cocktails or refined fusion cosine, you just need to immerse in the frenetic nightlife of Riccione, in the fashionable bar ad clubs of the Romagnola Riviera; and if Riccione is the best place for feel those tastes during the summer holidays, the tattoo convention International Tattoo Show, is an excellent way to join two passions: Tattoos and Good Food.


tattoo convention exhibitions

Villa Mussolini is part of villas liberty itinerary of the city of Riccione, was built in 1890 and its origin name was Villa Margherita. Was bought by Donna Rachele Mussolini in 1934 and seems that the costs of this house generates problems inside the Mussolini’s house because it was too expensive, 163.000 lire. With a little trick and helped by the secretary of her husband, Donna Rachele was able to give the deposit and by the villa. The Mussolini’s family, that in 1926 elected Riccione as the best place for a summer holiday, transformed Villa Margherita in the Palazzo Venenzia summer house. Initially denominated Villa Margherita, was erected in 1890. Situated next to the sea, used to confined with the beach and directly connected to the garden. In origin it was built on two floors with a little tower next to the entrance. There are a lot of legends around the Mussolini’s family’s holidays on the Rivera, it is narrating that inside Villa Margherita there were a cinema room where people could watch antifascist movies. What it is true is that the love that Mussolini had for the Rivera and for Riccione gives freedom on the choices of entrainment: the locals was allowed to dance American music and gives foreign names to the places, restaurants, and hotels. In 1940 Villa Mussolini was renovate and expanded by the purchase of other 600 mq of land:  to the ground floor was added a lunch room, a living room, and a porch; the construction was skyway by one floor inside the original perimeter where a new apartment block was built for Mussolini’s sons, Bruno and Vittorio, but also a a tennis camp and a garden . After the end of World War II the villa starts to be dismembered. During the 70’s, the villa and the park were used like a restaurant and the interior where completely changed. When the restaurant closed, the garden and the villa declined. In 1997 the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini (The Saving Bank Foundation of Rimini) bought the villa and gives to the Comune of Riccione the gratuitous loan with the obligation of requalifying the image of the house. In 2005, the Villa were ready to be reopened and used as a place for expositions. Nowadays, the project for the villa is to create a museum and a research center that focus on tourism. Inside the villa’s room, the International Tattoo show, the tattoo convention of Riccione, will organize exhibitions and events for the entire duration of the Tattoo Convention ITS.


The Museo Girotti collect the most important dispositions about the Riccione territory from prehistory to the Roman era, not only by evidence, but also with evocative illustrations and detailed reconstructions. A journey through the geological eras passing through the skulls of big prehistoric bison, elephants, bears, rhinoceros, and megaceri. Going ahead with the sectors dedicated to the appearance of the human: from the Paleolithic to the stable village of the Neolithic. The Neolithic and the metal era are well documented and you can see: stone objects, bones, ceramic, and metals coming from Riccione’s and around prehistoric villages. At the end the visitor can reach the Roman era with the itinerary that conclude the museum.

Citizen Parks

Riccione is called “the Adriatic green pearl”. The best garden city of Italy due to the huge amount of nature and parks that are expended until the beaches that makes them fall in love thanks to the amazing views and spaces that can be visited by feet or bicycle: all the parks can give a moment of recreation to all the Tattoo Convention International Tattoo Show participants, with relaxing green areas.

History and Culture

Riccione is a city full of history. Is not only one of the best places to pass the summer holidays, his hinterland if full of fascinations and its views are compelling, the naturalistic itineraries, magical castles and villages such as: San Leo, Gradara, and San Marino. Few hours far from Riccione, you can reach the best and most important cities of Italy by car, bus or train.


tattoo convention Rimini Tiberius bridge

15 km of beach, 230 beach resort, 1200 hotels, adventure lands, 2500 years of history and different piece of art. This is Rimini. There is also the glimpse of Fellini with the author favorite hotel called Grand Hotel, D’Annunzio’s love stunt was in the room number 302 of the Hotel Villa Adriatica reached Eleonora Duse and the domain of the Malatesta. Is not only the capital of the summer holidays but is also the trunk of artistic treasures like: The August arch, Tiberius bridge, Castel Sismondo, the Malatestiano temple, the roman square of Tre Martiri or the medieval square Cavour, finishing with the museum of the city that guard her past, across more than 1500 works, and the archeologic site of the Domus del Chirurgo. For those who desire a wellness break, on the beach, you can find Rimini Thermal that offers therapy and itinerary for regenerate the body and the mind. You cannot miss a walk at the Marina of Rimini, one of the best port of the Mediterranean with a skyway walk of 1300 meters. In order to see the city under another point of view, you must go to the historic center and get lost in the roman style streets, the mediaeval and renascent monuments, and the myriad of coffee shops, long bars and, tavern where you can taste the Romagna culture of food.

In the heart of the city of Rimini appear an extended area composed by 700 square meters that comprehend different building from the Roman era, the most interesting one in the Domus del Chirurgo. Is a roman domus from the II century a.c. and took the name Domus del Chirurgo due to the huge amount of chirurgical instruments founded inside during the excavating, 150.  For this reason, there are not doubt on the owner’s identity: Eutyches was a military doctor due to the type of instruments founded. The other finding and the mosaics were very important for make a faithful reconstruction of the domus.


Few kilometers away from Rimini appears San Marino, the most ancient European Republic. Full of history, offers interesting itinerary, not only museum and culture but also nature and shopping. You can visit ancient caves, medieval towers, the Liberty Square con the Government Palace, in which every 30 minutes, from 2.30pm there is the changing of the guard. You can decide different museum itinerary, from the classic one that comprehend the State Museum, the Arms Museums and, the Modern Art Museum; or the more original one like the Torture Museum, the waxwork Museum and, the Creature of the Night- Vampire and lycanthropes Museum. How love the overviews and the landscapes can decide between a ride in the funicular railway or an appealing walk thought the Witch Street, paying attention to the strange marble seats that scatter the entire walk.  All the streets in San Marino are full of shops and boutiques from the big fashion names to the designer, or the antiques shops, everywhere you can make good prices.


Not far from Rimini, we can find the picturesque city of San Leo, situated at 583 meters high, and where you can have the best view that the region can offer you. Before the year 100 Rocca di San Leo was the capital of Italy and host Dante and Saint Francis from Assisi. The San Leo cliff, show up in the highest spur and it is famous for being transformed in a prison during the domain of the church and for having as prisoners Felice Orisni  and the Count of Cagliostro, of who you can steel visit the jail cell.