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Welcome to The Palace: the ITS Convention location


In the center of Riccione, a city site on the Adriatic sea, well known as one of the best place to take your summer holiday, is located the Riccione Convention Centre, a building rich in innovation and design. This building made out of glass and steel is easily reachable from the near train station, from the Rimini Airport and from the A14 highway that is only less than 2 km from it. The various hotels that surround it made this location unique; you can easily step out of your hotel and reach by foot the ITS, or if you prefer, you can go shopping in the near “Viale Ceccarini” a street where the best Italian Brand shops are located; Riccione as holiday city, have various clubs, restaurants, theme parks, and a lot of other place that make the International Tattoo Show, a unique experience.


Riccione has recently inaugurated the Palariccione, a multipurpose building intended primarily for congressional function and. Inside, in addition to conference rooms there are: exhibition spaces, a multiplex cinema, restaurant, roof garden with a panoramic terrace and, a small shopping center. All these functions are housed inside a glass case, the structure’s simplicity and his compact volume are obstruct on the sides by external access stairs that have double functions: safety and user sorting on various levels of activities, a high-tech tribute to Baker House Cambridge Alvar Aalto. The Riccione convention centre stands in the center of the city, adjacent to the railway line; the proximity to so overbearing noise generator has forced designers to conceive a double casing of protection: the first vertically placed to defend the southern side more exposed to noise, the second horizontally, above the last floor, on sunscreen and plant areas of the premises and the roof garden. From a linguistic point of view, in addition to the dynamic sequence of steps, it is these two shields to generate the identity of the building formerly called “the Adriatic shell”. An important role is also played by the chiaroscuro values ​​dictated through the skillful use of large canopies and bright filters that draw inside the structure the light. In concept, the inspiration to the sea is gathered in the expressive and functional aspects likewise the colors used: the husks / shells, the movement of the waves are represented thanks to its furnishings and movable walls that determine geometry and variable sizing environments and, the usage of the sand color and tones ranging from blue cobalt in the décor of some rooms. The building structure is buffered by a structural glass wall. The big metal shell shading supported by quadripartite easels concludes the volume, wrapping and ensuring protection from solar radiation for the activities set on the top level. We’re waiting you in Riccione convention centre: Palariccione, home of International Tattoo show 2017